College House Computing supports and provides access to current and emerging information technology resources for students, faculty and staff residing in the College Houses. We offer a secure and accessible computing environment and information technology education and services which will enable College House residents to utilize information technology effectively in order to realize their full potential in their chosen academic and personal pursuits, now and in the future.

Our services include:

  • Technology-rich Learning Spaces with wide-screen HDTVs and flexible furnishings for group projects and collaboration, individual academic work, or quiet study.
  • 40 hour help desk services in every College House staffed by resident student Information Technology Advisors (ITAs) provide on-site IT support and assistance connecting Windows and Apple computers to the wireless and wired network.
  • 5 College House Computing full-time IT professionals oversee services and provide assistance.
  • 13 College House Computing labs provide students with a 24 hour computing environment and fast-output laser printing for their academic needs.
  • A Central Help Desk staffed by IT professionals provides Monday through Friday daytime services for students residing in the College Houses.
  • IT professional staff and ITAs make room calls to troubleshoot network connectivity problems and provide general support.
  • Enhanced Technology Program Spaces provide technology to support programs that enrich College House academic, intellectual and social life.
  • College House residents have access to up-to-date information via our websites and social medial channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • College House Computing program professionals provide training on current and emerging technologies and customer service and management skills for student ITA staff which fosters involvement in the College House community.

About Our Coat of Arms

Ben Chirlin (SEAS ’10), a Senior ITA in Riepe College House designed our coat of arms in 2009.
The Symbols: The ring rising from the shield symbolizes fidelity. The circles symbolize preservation & protection. The triangle formed by the lightning bolts symbolizes engineering. The lightning bolts symbolize swiftness & power.
The Colors: Gold signifies generosity and elevation of the mind. White signifies peace & sincerity. Blue signifies truth & loyalty. Black signifies constancy.
The motto: Fidelitas et Tutamen means Loyalty & Protection.
Our year round support shows loyalty to our residents and to the College House academic mission. Our commitment is to provide a safe computing environment by protecting technology and the network in our College Houses.

2014 Outstanding ITA Winner

The Office of College Houses and Academic Services and the College House Computing Office have selected their 2014 Outstanding ITA winner for the year.

First place was given to Jeffrey Shih of Hill College House for not only outstanding computing support to his fellow residents, but his positive and upbeat spirit and relentless pursuit of a resolution to any and all computing problems.

Runners-up include Grace Xu of Rodin College House and Ernest Tavares of Stouffer College House.

Congratulations to all!


College House Computing Annual Scavenger Hunt Winners Announced

ITA teams from Harrison and Kings Court English took the WIN in the annual ITA Penn Museum Scavenger Hunt.

Strong performances were made by all but it was no match for the coordination, skill and speed displayed by the ITA teams from Harrison and Kings Court English. The College House Computing judges hereby award "Best at the Hunt" bragging rights for 2014/15 to the ITA competitors from Harrison and Kings Court English.

Big Thanks go out to all our ITAs in the 11 College Houses for their excellent work throughout this year's move-in.

Seven Steps to Safe Computing

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